The driver of our popular Raspberry Pi Power Switch add-on board PowerBlock got a feature update! More configuration, more logging, faster shutdown.

What comes with this Feature Update?

So, what’s new in this update? Basically, these are the two things:

  • The status and shutdown pins on the Raspberry side can now be configured. This allows to use other HATs that might use the default pin numbers 17 and 18. The configuration file can be found at /etc/powerblockconfig.cfg.
  • The PowerBlock driver now has its own logger so that you can follow every action of it, if you are interested. You can find it at /var/log/powerblock.log
PowerBlock Logging Messages

PowerBlock Logging Messages

Besides that, the shutdown time was optimised so that a shutdown is much faster (again) now.

The new driver has version 1.5.0.

You can update your driver by simply re-installing the driver as depicted in the Installation Instructions.