Are you looking for a tiny power button solution for your Raspberry Pi that provides safe shutdowns? You only want a small button to turn off and on your Raspberry Pi without the need for tinkering? Now, the PowerBlockling is our recent tiny gadget and gives you exactly that.

Therefore, the PowerBlockling meant to provide a small soft power button and a simple power indication LED. A momentary press on the button initiates a safe system shutdown and drives the Raspberry Pi into standby mode. Another press on the button wakes the Pi up again.

The PowerBlockling is the minimal power button solution for the Raspberry Pi.

PowerBlockling, a tiny power button for Raspberry Pi


  • Tiny momentary power button
  • Does safe shutdowns without data losses and switches the Raspberry on with a press of the button
  • Green LED for indicating on and off power status
  • 1×4 male pin header (included, but needs to be soldered) for attaching optional external power button and indicator LED
  • One mounting hole for fastening the board
  • One-line installation within seconds
  • Uses the first 2×6 pins of the GPIO header
  • A Raspberry Pi and a quarter are not included.
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Are you interested in the PowerBlockling? Then you can order it in our shop:

I want it a bit more sophisticated

The PowerBlockling is kept as simple as possible to provide just those components that are needed to have a safe power button solution. Therefore, the PowerBlockling makes use of the standby mode of the Raspberry Pi and never really disables the power supply to the Raspberry Pi completely. Furthermore, the status LED only indicates either “ON” or “OFF/Standby”. This is enough for most people, but if you are looking for that bit of extra for your project, you might also want to see whether the Pi is still booting or in the middle of shutting down.

Our Powerblock gives you the advanced power button solution:

Here is a feature comparison between the PowerBlockling and the PowerBlock:



Safe Power Button Supported Supported
Status Indication ON, OFF (Standby) Booting, ON, Shutting Down, OFF
Supported Button Types Only momentary buttons Momentary and toggle buttons
Custom Script Execution at Shutdown Supported
Logging of power button events Supported
Optional External Signals Button, LED Button, LED, Status and Shutdown Signals
Configurable used GPIO pins Supported


Happy tinkering!