Monthly Archives: November 2017

GamepadBlock: New Firmware V1.2.0 Now Supports Amiga, C64, and Equal Joysticks

Atari-style support for GamepadBlock

The GamepadBlock is an Arcade and Original Game Controller USB Interface for your computer. It lets you connect your favourite arcade and original game controllers to your PC via USB. With the release of the GamepadBlock a few weeks ago we got asked to add support for further joystick. We are happy to announce today that we have […]

Tutorial: Using the virtual COM port of the GamepadBlock

GamepadBlock DIP Switch for Controller Mode

This tutorial explains the virtual COM port of the GamepadBlock. It can be used, for example,  to switch the Controller Mode of the GamepadBlock. The Controller Mode itself is explained in more details and also an example for Python will be shown and  explained. The Controller Mode The controller mode determines how the GamepadBlock polls […]

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