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At petrockblock you can find various topics from the world of microelectronics, tinkering, software development, and other related topics. You find our popular Raspberry Pi add-on boards ControlBlock and the PowerBlock here.

Top-view of the ControlBlock

This site is also the birth-place of RetroPie, the popular retro-gaming project for the Raspberry Pi. You can find articles about the original idea and articles of the first years of the project here.

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The ControlBlock got updated

The ControlBlock got updated! Similar to the PowerBlock it now comes with USB-C and a high-current power switch circuitry for your most energy demanding projects. Of course, it [...]

Tutorial: A Power Switch for LibreELEC

In the following we will learn how to add a power switch for LibreELEC running on a Raspberry Pi. We will use a PowerBlock to not only add a power button, but also a [...]

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Tiny Power Button for Raspberry Pi

Are you looking for a tiny power button solution for your Raspberry Pi that provides safe shutdowns? You only want a small button to turn off and on your Raspberry Pi without the need [...]

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PowerBlock: A Safe Power Button for Emteria.OS

If you are looking for a power button solution for your Emteria.OS project that makes use of a Raspberry Pi then look no further: The PowerBlock now supports Emteria.OS. Emteria.OS describes itself [...]