Three-way What?

Did you ever want to use two add-on boards for the Raspberry Pi at the same time? That was not possible, because the boards were not stackable? Or use a fan and some add-on board? We might have a GPIO extension board that is just right for you then!

The ExtensionBlock is an add-on board for the Raspberry Pi and it is a three-way GPIO extension board for the 2×20 pin header.

You stack the ExtensionBlock on top of the existing 2×20 pin GPIO header. At its corners the board provides holes for spacers, locking posts, or other tightening setups.

The ExtensionBlock splits the original 2×20 pins of the Raspberry GPIO header to three 2×20 pin headers. The headers are located such that it allows you to stack two full-size HATs side-by-side onto the Raspberry Pi.

ExtensionBlock attached to Raspberry Pi
ExtensionBlock with two HATs

With two add-on boards attached to the ExtensionBlock you still have access to the third 3×20 pin GPIO header to

In addition to the pin headers for the HATs, the ExtensionBlock has a third 2×20 pin out so that you even have access to the GPIO pins when two HATs are installed.

This should give you a maximum of comfort during development and debugging of your project.

The ExtensionBlock also goes very well together with a fan and an additional add-on board.

Features of the GPIO Extension

  • Three-way GPIO extension for 2×20 GPIO pin header of the Raspberry Pi
  • First and second 2×20 pin out faced towards the original direction, while the third 2×20 pin out is faced in opposite direction.
  • Allows side-by-side installation of two full-size HATs
  • Comes with two stackable 2×20 pins headers.
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi and comparable systems

Getting the ExtensionBlock

You can get the ExtensionBlock directly in our shop or at our distributors, if you are interested in getting the ExtensionBlock for your projects.

Can I use the ExtensionBlock with every Add-On Board?

The ExtensionBoard splits the original 2×20 pin header into three header pin outs. You can use every add-on board with the ExtensionBlock. However, if you attach two or more add-on boards to the ExtensionBlock you need to take care that the boards do not compete for the same pins.