24 thoughts on “We need you to design the RetroPie Logo

  1. EkDor says:

    Any ball park figure on an announcement? I know you say Above there isn’t due to trademark checks. But really should be some kind of announcement.! This year. next year? I want to know when you’re going to send me that cool RPi2 and case. It sounds very interesting and cool. I hope the non winners at least get to see it. ;)

      • EkDor says:

        Thanks for the reply. Sorry missed that. There is a lot of text there and I do have other work to do so I hurried. I will hence forth “read more carefully” ;)

  2. Lars Thun says:

    Doesn’t seem like the active thread i hoped it to be. Hopefully, dozens of designers are burning the midnight oil for a late turn-in… myself included, hehe.

  3. Cathy Penneflamme says:

    Just a logo I doodled for fun, clearly not good enough for the contest and probably too obvious, I don’t even know all the formats required, just posting for fun and in case it could give ideas to people. To show all the controller ports could be a good idea to represent the multi platform aspect.

  4. Eddi says:

    You should probably update the ‘Legal Bits’ to include SVG as an acceptable form or file and update the description to include phone number (as it’s requested in the ‘legal bits’).

  5. tio_el says:

    The case is called the brocade. It uses 2 gpio pins to lightup the marquee, screen, control panel and coin slots. Photos dont do it justice

    • mcpace says:

      Never mind saw it in the post, The competition closes at midnight on 17.05.2015 UTC., but the rules item number 5 says: ”
      The deadline for Entries is midnight (one minute after 2359) on .”

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