RetroPie 3.3 Released

After rolling new images, fixing bugs, re-rolling we are finally there: RetroPie 3.3.

Major features of this release include

  • Mupen64plus and Reicast controller configuration added to the EmulationStataion controller config setup.
  • Playstation Portable emulator ppsspp included by default now.
  • New exprimental module for OpenTTD
  • Jessie images as BETA releases.

And many smaller bug fixes and improvements. You can see details in the change log below. The Jessie images are to be considered BETA as there may be bugs in configuration modules or emulators that are not present on the Wheezy version.

We plan to move to Jessie only with the next release so that we can concentrate on maintaining only four instead of eight images. Everyone is invited to give feedback if you experience problems with your RetroPie Jessie setup.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release!

[box type=”download” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]You can find the SD-card images in the Downloads Sections.[/box] [box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Installation Instructions can be found at Github:[/box]

Change Log RetroPie 3.3

  • Mupen64plus controller configs (including hotkeys) and Reicast (Dreamcast) controller configs added to the autoconfiguration script in emulationstation. Mupen64plus is now the default n64 emulator due to compatibility.
  • AdvanceMAME 1.4 (replaces 1.2 – still based on MAME 0.106).
  • PlayStation Portable emulator ppsspp is included by default (libretro version is default, the standalone version is optional).
  • Removed cpc4rpi emulator, and added CapriceRPI which has many improvements over cpc4rpi.
  • Updated libretro binaries including lr-fba-next updated to v0.2.97.37, and an improved lr-caprice32 which is now moved out of experimental and is the default Amstrad CPC emulator.
  • Updates to Reicast emulator, which has been moved out of experimental.
  • New experimental modules: OpenTTD (open source simulation game based on Transport Tycoon Deluxe), Wolf4SDL (Port of Wolfenstein 3d), Zdoom (Enhanced Port of the official DOOM source)
  • PS3 controller improvements (added Gasia PS3 clone Support).
  • Updated OpenMSX emulator (to the dev version 0.12.0+).
  • Beta images based on Raspbian Jessie are included. They may have bugs that are not present in the Raspbian Wheezy release.
  • New themes added to the theme installer (Eudora from AmadhiX, Tronkyfran from Tronkyfran, and Retroplay Canela from InsecureSpike).
  • RetroArch joy-config tool removed (custom configs are now done through the RGUI or manually).
  • Various other bugfixes/improvements.

22 thoughts on “RetroPie 3.3 Released

  1. Luigui_pit says:

    I need a little help, I am new at this platform.
    And Retropie installed the correctly, (resberrypi 3B)
    I have and ps3 contror arcade at the time of playing has a delay of
    .5 seconds the moment I press botton and drive the battle, please help and changed the to mode game (TLC, 4k 50”)and still the problem i make the upgrade and still the problemmm please help thanks

  2. Brian DeWine says:

    Does anyone know how to slove bad audio on n64 emulator. On every rom I tried, the audio always cuts out and back in and, it is very annoying and I would like to find a fix. Thanks

  3. David Santos says:

    When running any psp games with lr-ppsspp or ppssppsdl, the game tends to halt, then resume after a few seconds. Otherwise speed is very good.

    At first I noticed this occuring along with the undervolt square icon in the top right of the screen, bit still occurs after i changed my power source to a 5V 2A samsung phone charger.

    Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong? Its a shame because otherwise emulation speed is pretty good for games that work well like parappa, half minute hero and prinny.

    I upgraded via the retropie script, and I am on RPi 2B.

    • David Santos says:

      I just tried on a different RPi 2B, same issues, every now and then the game pauses, inputs don’t work for up to 3 second wil try a fresh install of RetroPie 3.3 SDCard image. My SDCard is a SanDIsk Class 4, could that be a problem? Does it need to be a Class 10? It’s the same SDCard I used to use on my phone, and PPSSPP ran pretty much fine with the games on that card.

      • David Santos says:

        I tried with a fresh sdcard install (not an update from the previous version) and the problem was still there. I also tried loading psp games from usb instead of the sdcard bit i stil get occasional pauses while emulating.

  4. jeffrey evans says:

    I am having an issue when I first run the pi, I get to the setup joystick/keyboard, can setup all items on keyboard, OK is highlighted but that’s as far as it will go.

    Hit Enter and basically every key on keyboard and nothing except for F4 and that exits out and reboots to 1st setup screen.

    Raspberry Pi 2 b
    32GB Sandisk Extreme card with retropie-v3.3.1-rpi2.img
    burned using winscp576.
    All Current downloads last couple days.

    Any help greatly appreciated…

  5. SY says:

    I’m having issues with the Xbox 360 wired USB controllers for 3.3. EmulationStation detects it and allows me to set it up. It works fine within emulationstation as well as the N64 emulator, but it does not work with the SNES emulator. When rom starts up the bottom text says controller not configured. Looking into /opt/configs I notice the configs arent generated. It worked fine in Retropie 3.2.1 but started to break in 3.3

  6. Ben W says:

    Anyone having an issues with Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers in 3.3.1? It won’t work in RetroArch Emulators. Almost like the config never gets created during the controller configuration in Emulationstation.

    • Sweeters says:

      I’ve had the same issues – try looking at this thread:

      And see if the instructions posted here will help:

      start > retropie > setup-retropie [2nd from down] > setup [3rd
      section] > config retro arch setting > change commen setting [1st
      section] > all [1st] > change joypad driver from sdl2 to udev .
      after that back to first page and perform rebbot . and all set .

      stopped the blinking lights – but it did kick the controller into life
      withinn the emulators. Still needs a lot of config work as I can’t seem
      to get the inputs mapped out correctly during the autoconfigure phase.

      • Chris says:

        This did not work for me unfortunately. My 360 controller works in emulationstation but not in any emulator. Arg this is so frustrating…

  7. Jordi Mayor says:

    I would like to know if are known problems about migration from 3.2 and how to do it in a best way…

    Saving shares and restoring would be enough ?? Thank you very much!!!

    • Jordi Mayor says:

      Anyway… Saving my shares and restoring. But think about if you’re using scraper from sselph and the internal one’s. The internal one’s saves images and xml in .emulationstation at home/pi directory. You’ve to save this resource if you’ve systems scraped with the internal scraper. Use WinSCP or similar to do it.

      Now running in Retropie 3.3

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