From now on, there is a wiki for the RetroPie script. Furthermore, tackling problems related to the setup script might become a little bit easier from now on.

I have created a wiki for the RetroPie setup script. That wiki could serve as a source of all kinds of collected information around the components that are installed with the RetroPie setup script and can be enhanced by all users! You can find the wiki at If you find some useful information  in a forum or another blog post or comment that was helpful for you then this might be a good candidate for an entry in the wiki. You are invited to fill the wiki with content!

As a step towards an increased usability I have just committed an update for >>the script<< that implements the generation of a debug log. That log includes all relevant information about files and settings that are important for the RetroPie installation.

I hope that this will be useful in the future …