We just released an update for the driver of the ControlBlock! What does this mean for you? More functionalities!

More specifically, the updates contain:

  1. 4-player support
    Multiple ControlBlocks can be stacked on top of each other. With this functionality you can now create your 4-player arcade machine with two ControlBlocks. Each ControlBlock can be configured with its own controller type. That means for example that you could provide two full sets of arcade controllers and two, say, SNES controllers – you can choose!

  2. Genesis/Megadrive, Atari controller support
    The driver now support Genesis / Megadrive and Atari controllers. Both types, the three as well as the six button Genesis controllers, are supported. To use Genesis controllers with the ControlBlock simply set “genesis” as gamepad type in the driver config file.
    Sega Genesis / Megadrive (TM) Controllers are now supported by the ControlBlock

  3. Custom shutdown script
    We got several requests from users who want to execute their own scripts when the power switch is switched to “off”. The whole shutdown actions are now defined in the file /etc/controlblockswitchoff.sh You can add anything you want to be executed on switch off to that script now.

  4. Reset button for SNES gamepad mode
    SNES mode now also provides a reset button functionality. If you want to build your personal retro-gaming machine within a SNES or NES case you can now also connect the reset button to the ControlBlock. The reset button is mapped to the ESC key, which in turn exits for example a running emulator.

The reset button must be connected to GND and Player 1, Input B. All configuration settings and detailed information about the other functions are described at the Github site of the driver.

Besides updates of the ControlBlock driver there are now driver modules for the ControlBlock (and the PowerBlock as well) in RetroPie. That makes it even easier for you to install the PowerBlock or ControlBlock driver for your RetroPie project. You find the drivers in the RetroPie-Setup menu at “Manage packages” → “Manage driver packages” → “controlblock”. From there, you can easily install or remove the driver from within the RetroPie Setup.

We hope you enjoy these new features!

If you are missing any functionality or support for different controllers feel free to comment below.