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  • in reply to: Mupen64plus load save state exits to ES #109364

    Did anyone found a way to load state with Mupen64plus ?

    Emulator also crashes on my side (Retropie 3.1) when trying to load state (by pressing F7 for instance)

    in reply to: Autofire on the axis #109239

    I followed exactly this post

    I’ve finally had some time to test the Xin-mo dual controller with a fresh installation of RetroPie 3.0 and the autofire on the axis issue no longer exists, so applying the previous patch is not needed anymore. Great news!

    With regards to it not being recognised as 2 controllers, I’ve tested the addition to /boot/cmdline.txt method that @feederchain describes above and it also works with the Xin-mo dual controller. The code to add to the end of the line (after a white space) is:


    Reboot required after saving the file.

    Having reached this solution, I’m not going to bother trying to patch the kernel as this fix is simple enough for those of us with the Xin-mo.

    Thanks very much to @feeder for all the help and effort!

    It worked perfectly, then I configure config/all to set player1 and player2 commands. I’ll post details by end of the day to explain this step including hotkey configuration. It workds for SNES and NES emulator, I need to check then on pifba for Neogeo use.

    Thanks a lot for your help and this forum !

    in reply to: FBA2x.cfg and hotkeys #107849


    I finally made it by upgrading retropie 3.2. Default emulator is fba-next which provides much more functionnality (or even easier to configure). It uses /neogeo/retroarch.cfg config file by default which offer a LOOOOOT of parameters.

    I manage to access Toggle Menu, change settings for UNIBIOS and access service menu on rom boot. I’ve change geographic zone in metal slug meaning i’m now playing with people full of blood instead of milk !

    in reply to: FBA2x.cfg and hotkeys #107363

    Anyone to help me?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)