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    Has anyone been able to get any Sega Saturn games working? Or is it still pretty much unplayable and choppy?


    I haven’t tried Saturn specifically, but on Raspberry Pis that exist now, you should not have high expectations for emulation of 3D game systems. 3D hardware on game systems have historically been diverse and very specialized.

    One notable exception is the original Playstation, which had 3D games despite having hardware that more resembled a 2D system.


    actually, saturn emulation has been done very well on similar low spec arm devices – see – this project has mult-threading, and open GLES accelerated rendering. it’s running very well on android phones.

    problem is, it requires GLES 3, and the pis only have GLES 2, so we can’t run it. the non-accelerated version of yabause runs very poorly on the pi.


    I tried Yabause on a B+ a while back. It was nowhere near playable. I wouldn’t imagine a Pi 2 would help much.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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