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I assume you guys have tried this, correct?

Got it working on RPI2.

You don’t need to change much:

you need to get the EGL, GLES, GLESv2 and KHR headers from the mesa packages, preferably put them in the ppsspp source folder
change CMakeLists.txt and remove RPI references: ppssppsdl uses SDL2 which already has videocore backend, so we don’t need any rpi-specific backend here
add the egl/gles include folder (where you copied the EGL, GLES, GLESv2 and KHR folders from mesa) and the egl/gles lib folder (the rpi one – /opt/vc/lib) – you can see in CMakeLists.txt how it was done previously for rpi

Run cmake, edit CMakeCache.txt and set FBDEV to ON, GLES2 to ON, maybe even MOBILE_DEVICE to ON, run cmake again, then run make.