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Introducing the PowerBlock, an add-on board designed to enhance the functionality and safety of your Raspberry Pi. This solution provides a safe and convenient way to power on and off your Raspberry Pi, eliminating the risk of data loss associated with abrupt power cuts.

The PowerBlock is engineered to ensure a clean, software-controlled shutdown process, significantly reducing the risk of data corruption. It supports both toggle and momentary buttons, allowing for a seamless power management experience. The board features an optional LED indicator that provides real-time feedback on the power status, enhancing user awareness and control.

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Key Features and Specifications:

  • Soft Power Button/Switch: Safely power on and off your Raspberry Pi without risking data loss.
  • Automatic Button Type Detection: Compatible with both toggle and momentary buttons, with automatic detection for easy setup.
  • Power Status Indication: An optional external LED provides clear visual feedback on the power status.
  • USB-C Power Supply: Utilizes a USB-C connector for efficient power management.
  • Mounting Compatibility: Designed with a 2×6 pin header for easy mounting on Raspberry Pi models A, B, and Zero.
  • Additional Switched 5V Output Pins: Offers flexibility for powering other components.
  • No Soldering Required: Ideal for users without soldering experience.
  • Software Daemon for Clean Shutdowns: Ensures a smooth and safe shutdown process.
  • Input/Output Voltage: 5V, with a maximum continuous current of 7A at 25°C.
  • MOSFET Static On-Resistance: 6 mΩ, ensuring efficient power management.

The PowerBlock is not just an add-on; it’s a solution that addresses a common challenge faced by Raspberry Pi users. By providing a safe and user-friendly way to manage power, it enhances the overall user experience and ensures the longevity of your Raspberry Pi projects.

Works great!

I have no clue with Linux, managed it with your 1 line install.


Very neat little add on …

… that ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’. Well made and sits nicely, was very easy to implement and get working.


Bought the PowerBlock for part of my project

I was building a Super Nintendo Pi. The product arrived swiftly, was easy to setup and works great, just what I needed. Would recommend.


The PowerBlock is more than just an accessory; it’s a smart investment in the longevity and safety of your Raspberry Pi projects. Order your PowerBlock today and experience the difference.

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Further Details

The PowerBlock enhances the functionality of your Raspberry Pi by providing a dedicated power switch, ensuring a safe and efficient shutdown process. Unlike the Raspberry Pi, which lacks a built-in power switch, the PowerBlock addresses this gap by offering a convenient solution for controlling the power supply. When you connect the USB cable to the Raspberry Pi, it automatically powers on, and to safely shut it down, you would typically need to issue a shutdown command. This process is crucial to prevent file system corruption and data loss that could occur if the power cable were simply pulled out.

The PowerBlock is designed to simplify this process. It attaches to the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO header and includes a USB connector for power, a connector for a power button, and an optional LED indicator. This setup allows you to control the Raspberry Pi’s power supply directly, with the LED providing visual feedback on the system’s status, including whether it is off, booting, running, or shutting down. The PowerBlock’s microcontroller manages the power supply and monitors the button and Raspberry Pi’s state, ensuring a clean shutdown when you switch off the power. This eliminates the need to unplug and replug the USB cable for a complete and safe shutdown, enhancing both convenience and data protection.

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