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    I spoke too soon, it seems some of the codes work without producing the segmentation fault error. Digging deep into Google search results came up with at least one other person experiencing the issue under Ubuntu but there did not seem to be an actual resolution.

    Marking this as resolved as it does not appear to be specific to RetroPie.

    Hopefully someone will at least the cheat workaround I posted above helpful.

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    in reply to: PS2 Emulation #97428


    i dont think it will work on pii
    even the n64 emulator dont work properly

    Ummm, my N64 emulator is now running smooth as silk. It just takes a bit more time playing around with all the configs than the other emulators.


    I doubt all N64 games are running “smooth as silk.” Regardless, the PS2 had roughly (apples to oranges) twice the CPU capacity of the N64, and capable of 10-20 times as many polygons per second.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)