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    Here is the holy grail for me, i’m sharing my config with you, I tried a lot of things :) I use a Wired Xbox360 controller and here are the values for the exact same use of buttons than with the original dreamcast controller:

    mapping_name = Xbox Gamepad (userspace driver)
    btn_escape = 0x13a
    btn_a = 0x130h
    btn_b = 0x131h
    btn_c = 
    btn_d = 0x139h
    btn_x = 0x133h
    btn_y = 0x134h
    btn_z = 0x138h
    btn_start = 0x13Bh
    axis_x = 0x00
    axis_y = 0x01
    axis_trigger_left = 0x0a
    axis_trigger_right = 0x09
    axis_dpad1_x = 0x10
    axis_dpad1_y = 0x11

    Hoping this would help lost souls like i was ^^, pretty damn annoying finding the proper hexadecimal codes.
    Select is used to leave Reicast, and all other buttons are properly linked.

    See you on the forum :)

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    Yes, it’s working this way , I’ll stick to this for now on, installing the game to get the game’s data on my PC, then copying it to the raspberry and using a .sh script to launch this from emulationstation :)

    Thanks for your help.

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    Yes, i’ve followed this tutorial, but indeed they are telling go installer the games in order to extract game data, then create à launch script :), so if u have never installed à dosbox game it means that you only downloaded games already ‘ready to play’.

    Problem is still running !

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    in reply to: Dreamcast #112796

    Hy, I read the whole thread and all the other ones on the forum, but i don’t manage to make my XBox 360 wired controller work.
    I have the same problem of being stuck not being able to press the “select” button to validate the date.

    I copied the Hex values in my controller_XboxGamepad(userspacedriver).cfg:

    mapping_name = Xbox 360 Controller (xboxdrv userspace driver)
    btn_escape = 0x13a
    btn_a = 0x130
    btn_b = 0x131
    btn_c = 0x136
    btn_d = 0x137
    btn_x = 0x133
    btn_y = 0x134
    btn_z = 0x13d
    btn_start = 0x13b
    axis_x = 0x00
    axis_y = 0x01
    axis_trigger_left = 0x0a
    axis_trigger_right = 0x09
    axis_dpad1_x = 0x10
    axis_dpad1_y = 0x11

    And here is my emu.cfg:

    backend = oss
    disable = 0
    Debug.SerialConsoleEnabled = 0
    Dreamcast.Broadcast = 4
    Dreamcast.Cable = 3
    Dreamcast.RTC = 2082730217
    Dreamcast.Region = 3
    Dynarec.Enabled = 1
    Dynarec.idleskip = 1
    Dynarec.unstable-opt = 0
    aica.LimitFPS = 1
    aica.NoBatch = 0
    aica.NoSound = 0
    axis.0 = Axis_X
    axis.1 = Axis_Y
    bios.UseReios = 0
    pvr.MaxThreads = 3
    pvr.Subdivide = 0
    pvr.SynchronousRendering = 0
    pvr.rend = 0
    rend.UseMipmaps = 1
    rend.WideScreen = 0
    ta.skip = 0
    evdev_device_id_1 = 0
    evdev_device_id_2 = -1
    evdev_device_id_3 = -1
    evdev_device_id_4 = -1
    evdev_mapping_1 = /opt/retropie/configs/dreamcast/mappings/controller_XboxGamepad(userspacedriver).cfg
    joystick_device_id = -1
    ElfFile = 
    OpenGlChecks = 0[input]

    I also tried to add this to my emu.cfg:

    [Xbox 360 Controller (xboxdrv userspace driver)]

    But it does nothing more, i was wondering if the evdev_device_id was correct set to 0 ? I have tagged my usb XBox controller on the top-left usb port on my Raspbery 2.

    Thanks in advance for your help, i think i missed something or didn’t understand something !

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    Really nice work guys, it works like a charm. I just have a question, i still don’t get quite right how u manage to calculate the proper “custom_viewport height and with” and the “x and y position”.

    I read all the post on the forum about this for other overlays for other emulators like snes etc., which works well too. But i don’t get how u figure the proper numbers including your “gameboy painting around the gaming area” or not including it for example.

    Natively, if i got it right, the GameBoy has a 160×144 resolution, so what have been ur process to end with a

    custom_viewport_width = "358"
    custom_viewport_height = "323"
    custom_viewport_x = "248"
    custom_viewport_y = "79"

    If u could explain it to me again because i read things about this already but it’s not cristal clear and i would like to try to create some customized overlays myself ! I would be grateful for your help !

    See u soon on the forum :p

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