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    its not just you! its been doing my head in for a while!
    i have just finished building a weecade (bartop arcade machine) and when select is set hotkey it WILL NOT work as insert coin at the same time,
    people saying just bind it to another button don’t understand! it will and does get occidentally activated with other hotkey options like save state load state etc (we want these functions too)

    to counter this i have been looking into setting the hotkey as select on player 2’s controls (my arcade machine uses the pi’s gpio’s so it also has the same amount of buttons as teh snes pad)
    But NOOOO there dont seem to be a way to binf hotkeys to player 2 and bno documentation on it anywhere! only player 1!!

    for now im going to also use player 2 select as coin in, but its not good having totally different controls for each emu on an arcade machine!

    i hate it when devs dont address flaws just because theres not enough demand for it, that does not mean its a not a flaw. lol

    id love to find a work around also

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)