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    I’ve been trying to get an init.d script to work for my xbox 360 controllers to help performance a little but I’m running into an issue. Currently, I’m using option 1 from this page instead:

    As after I comment out the lines in rc.local for option 1, follow the instructions for option 3, then reboot, my controllers no longer work. After disabling the autostart to emulationstation, I can see that there is an error about a missing file. (sorry I’m not at home ath the moment so I can’t see the actual error.) My suspicion is, from looking at the script that the /usr/bin/ file that’s missing, since there isn’t an file in that location.

    How does get created? is it the init.d script that should be creating that file? (I’m thinking changing permissions on the /usr/bin/ folder may solve this, if it’s the root cause.) Or are there some steps missing from the tutorial I linked to?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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