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    I had my RetroPie working beautifully on a previous version (I think it was one of the 3.0 betas), and hadn’t really done anything with it in a while.

    I updated to 3.3. After the update, the controls were screwy. Since I missed some things in backing up my ‘good’ config, I ended up wiping my SD card and loading the fresh 3.3 image from the site and still had the same issues.

    I found this post by fastfalcon94 that really helped me figure out how to change buttons around, since the way to do it changed from the previous version I’d used, so the changing of buttons is resolved, but there is one nagging issue left that I haven’t been able to figure out.

    Before swapping the buttons around so that (in Super Mario Bros.) ‘A’ was ‘jump’ and ‘X’ was ‘run’, ‘A’ was ‘jump’ and ‘B’ was ‘run’, which is awkward on the XBox360 controller. The oddity is that if I held ‘X’, Mario would continuously jump, and ‘Y’ would also make Mario run.

    After I swapped the buttons, ‘A’ is ‘jump’ and ‘X’ is run, however, ‘Y’ is also run and ‘B’ is ‘keep jumping while the button is pressed’. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening, and how to make it so only the buttons that should be doing anything (A, X, Start, Select, directional pad) actually do anything?


    Glad it helped you. My buttons on the 360 controller do the same thing. I just know not to touch them. You may be able to modify the config file in the /nes/retroarch-joypads folder and set the Y and B buttons on the controller to blank (“”). You wouldn’t want to do this for any of the hotkey buttons though. SO right elbow/left elbow which are used to “save” and “load” states. Don’t wipe those out.

    side note: I just bought some nes usb controllers off ebay. I configured one and it created a usbgamepad.cfg file. I only set the up/down/left/right/a/b/select/start buttons and left the rest blank (by holding a button to skip the button assignment). The nes controllers work great now that I copied the usbgamepad.cfg into /nes/retroarch-joypads folder. So now that the nes controllers work I probably won’t be using the xbox one for nes games. The controllers do feel too light though. I’m going to open them up and hot glue some washers inside to make them feel more like original.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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