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    I’m making a RetroPie for a friend and I want to make it as user friend as possible (i.e no console commands or keyboards needed, just a controller and the Pi).

    He should be able to walk up press a button and the Pi will wake/boot and vice versa to shutdown/turnoff.

    I know things like PowerBlock/ControlBlock exist but if I can do this with a simple button then that’s much easier and cheaper.

    Two Options I see:

    1) Toggle Power – setup a switch to toggle power to the Pi (I’m trying to think of solution to do this safely without damaging the SD card with an abrupt power off. I could make a little circuit to toggle power and send a interrupt to a GPIO pin switch would trigger a Python script (basically what the PowerBlock does)

    2) Halt/Resume CPU Processes – I could write a script for a GPIO interrupt with a momentary button that simply exits EmulationStation (if it hasn’t already) and run a sudo halt, then wait for the same GPIO interrupt to wake the Pi.

    Has anyone heard or had success themselves doing this?

    It seems like an easy idea but I’m not sure if I need things like pull-up/pull-down resistors or even some basic power diodes to make this work.

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated!


    > Other thread

    I’m new here. What do you mean by ‘other thread’?


    I am new . looking for help on my raspberry pi 2 model b . I download the retropie v3.6 bootberry and I am having problem with it being use with the win32 disk imager.


    @dizney46 start your own topic for new issues. And read up on what berryboot is before you try to install it.

    Download the standard image and follow this page:



    [quote=120809]> Other thread

    I’m new here. What do you mean by ‘other thread’?

    Sorry, its a link (to another thread) about the same topic. There I explain how I’ve tackled the problem.

    The forum style is not exceptionally clear.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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