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    So, I know that the RPi can support USB Drives, but is there some sort of way to create a secondary partition that would hold ROMs?

    Why a second partition?
    Well, a lot of you may know that it’s a pain to install roms onto the RPi, but if there were a second partition to upload ROMs onto (Either by expanding the boot partition and using that or making another partition), then that would be great.

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    Create a partition on your device of choice (fdisk), create a filesystem of your choice on it (mkfs.*), mount it anywhere and copy everything over to the drive (make sure to use a cp command that will preserve permissions/ownership), then edit your /etc/fstab and throw your new partition in and mount it to /home/pi/RetroPie/roms and you should be good to go. Make sure to give it the auto option so it automounts on boot.f

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    I have the retropie with fat32 partition to change the roms using a secondary partition….I make with this steps:
    1-install fresh image of retropie
    2-expand the partition and uodate retropie
    3-using partiton wizard reduce the extended partition (ext4) of retropie (you need 4Gb of space for retropie and future updates) and format the new partition on fat32 (you cant access to this partition using windows, you need bootice (32or64bits) in bootice you click on parts manage and select thee third partition (maked by you) and press set accesible….now you can put your roms on your maked third partition….when you finish our manage of your roms go to bootice, parts manage, and set accesible the boot partition (first partition) of the sd.
    4- You need mount the third partition on your etc/fstab file like other partition using winscp (wifi) or console
    5-reboot and enjoy!!
    ((the process is easy when you have the partition mounted and maked because you only need set accesible the third partitin using bootice to manage your roms and restore boot partition to run retropie))
    I try to explain the process to you using my english :| sorry for my bad english ;)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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