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    Hey everyone,

    I built a RetroPie-based arcade machine for my office and I have a utility running that can pull the high scores out of MAME .hi + .nvram files and then upload the results to a wiki page. The only trouble with this is that I have to run the script manually every time I want to update the wiki. My question is this:

    Is there a script that gets run every time a game is exited? If not, is there a way to invoke a script when this event happens?

    My alternative solution is to use CRON, but I’d rather avoid that path if I can.

    Thanks for reading!


    Actually, a better way this to create a custom script to luanch your games. I did exactly that for Infocom and BBC Micro so that I could have my mp3 collection play in the background when I’m playing those games.

    Check this out:

    Random mp3 playback during gameplay

    Just ignore the stuff about mp3s and modify the .sh script to your liking. Simply put the stuff you need to run after the line that launches the game. (Where the sudo killall mpg123 is located.)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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