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    Our Computer Science 2 Class needs a screen lock for our Retropie, we only know the basics of Java and Python. We need a code to add to our Retropie that will lock the screen but not crash after 2 and 1/2 minutes. (If more money is inputted the screen unlocks.)

    This are the assignment instructions:

    You need to find a program or write code that will lock the screen on our RetroPie after 2 and 1/2 minutes (whether or not it is in use, not just idle). If it can be password protected that would be best (or if we can add it later). You can use Python, Java, or whatever you can find. You might use some code out there and adjust, or start your own.

    OS: RetroPie 3.5
    Emulator I want it to work for the most (I want it to be for all, but if it had to be just one): AdvanceMAME
    Hardware: Using Raspberry 1 B


    Well, good luck with your assignment!

    No really, was that meant to be a question, or an announcement, or what?


    No. I was hoping for someone willing to be giving a Screen Lock code to put into the Retropie.


    The RetroPie community is very much a DIY learn it yourself kind of community so I doubt that any of the users will help you cheat on your assignment as I’m guessing your professor intended you to do the assignment on your own rather than having a random person on the internet do it for you.

    It’s also a very edge use case so I doubt that anyone has done it or even tried to unless they built some bootlegged retropie in their bar and hooked it up so people could put in coins and play games for an illegal profit.


    Well, I must admit I’ve considered building some kind of timer functionality on my kid oriented bartop. I have abandoned the idea for now, or at least untill i have them all chipped with their individual rfid chips (joke).
    In any case, the assignment is probably not: use the internet to crowd-source this problem, so I would suggest you come up with some ideas of your own.
    The good people here are more than willing to mull over your design, and give feedback when there is something to discuss.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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