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    ok, I had been running my RetroPie on my new board from Friday, and Yesterday my 128fb usb drive corrupted, then I decided to start again, but with in 10 mins that one corrupt too. and then again lol so I have now 3 corrupt usb drives, so I decided to go back to one of my old boards, and now I’m set I just have to add all my stuff back. I was planning to swap over to the new board again. but I’m really not sure if I should.

    has anyone else had any similar issues?

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    I didn’t have that problem. Maybe you got a bad board.

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    I have had the same experience. In my case it was due to overclocking the Pi.

    Your situation may be different but if not: make sure your Pi has heatsinks and NO CASE when overclocking. The memory cards and USB sticks corrupt when the Pi overheats!

    You can back up your memory card / USB sticks with the Win32 Disk Imager application. Do this before testing overclocks in case your card corrupts. You should be able to format any corrupted cards to get them working again.

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    Did you run rpi-update? Strange that you’re getting usb drive corruption on the new model, have a look over at forums for advice

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    yeah ran update, yup I’ll have a little look over at

    thanks for the help guys

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    Hey does anyone know where to place heat sinks on the new B+ model? I can see where 2 of them go, but not the third.

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