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    So before anything I want to state that I pretty much don’t know anything about the raspberry pi at all and most of what I have done is pieced together from various forum posts and internet tutorials so technical terms will probably fly right over my head.
    I’m currently working on a project for school, and I decided to try using RetroPie instead of the provided program due to the fact that the provided only supports MAME and NES roms. I’ve gotten everything to work so far, as in the screen working, the emulators working, I have a BIOS, but the only thing I can’t seem to get working is the controller. What would I have to do to get the controller setup mentioned in the tutorial to work with RetropPie?


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    It might help to specify what controller you are using and which emulators as some will have retroarch configs and some will be emulator specific. For a regular USB controller see this page and linked videos to get an idea of controllers.

    If you are using an original SNES controller with gpio pins it might be worth looking into petrockblogs controlblock

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    The current setup I have is as described, a circuit board from an SNES controller soldered to a RaspberryPi GPIO cable which is plugged into a PiTFT board which is plugged into the Pi, but the buttons are still not responsive. I’m not sure if it is a hardware issue as in improper soldering or a software problem as in I don’t have correct drivers/settings.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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