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    I just upgraded to Retropie 3.2.1 and I am experiencing an input issue. I have 2 devices connected to my Pi 2 – a wireless keyboard and a Logitech F710 joypad. After the initial input setup via Emulationstation, when I open a game on any system it will display that it detects my keyboard in port 0 and joypad in port 1. However my joypad will not work. If I go into the Retroarch menu and go to Settings > Input it shows that User 1 Device Index is set to the keyboard. I can change this to the joypad and then it will work, however I have to do this every single time I enter a game. Even if I select “User 1 Save Autoconfig” it will still default to the keyboard every time. Is there any known solution for this issue?

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    Swap the USB ports around.

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    see also:


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    Ah, that did it! I had no clue what the port assignments were. Thanks!

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