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    first of all, thanks fot the great work with this fantastic program.
    The question is very simple but i’m a newbie, how can i replace an emulator in retropie? I need to replace uae4all with uae4all2.
    I simply install the image of retropie with all emulator in a sd and now i don’t know how to replace them.
    Can you give me some advice?
    Really thx and sorry for my english.


    A question for you: Why do you want to replace it? Is the emulator actually better than the one included in Retropie? If so, you should let us know by filing a bug report and we’ll then replace it with the better emulator if it’s the case and we can get it working.

    As for how to replace it yourself, it depends entirely upon where it comes from. If it’s in the Raspbian repositories, you could probably apt-get install it yourself. I’ll bet that uae4all will come back once you run a binary update. I guess you could uninstall it and then symlink uae4all2 to uae4all as well so that Retropie actually runs the second one instead. Hope they have compatible command lines or else that won’t work.


    It says on the rpi forums that uae4arm is the newest version. So we already have a newer version than aue4all2


    …please also consider to switch to chip’s uae4arm, as this
    is the newer version, with jit compiler etc., that gives
    a great speedboost. :)

    good luck and all the best!

    and also this:

    custom controls are broken in uae4all2, so don’t
    expect them to work, sorry.
    maybe uae4arm ported by chips, which can be found here
    on the forum, has fixed that, but i think it’s
    still broken there too on the rpi.
    in general it’s advised to use uae4arm, as this is the
    successor of uae4all2 and under active development.


    we already include uae4all2

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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