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    I’m just trying to get a couple of games to work that I have the originals for on disk and I have download the games and unzipped them and the format for each games seems to lots of track bin files and 1 cue file, do I just drag the whole lot to the PSX rom folder or should each games be in it’s own folder? I’m not if sure these files will work anyway as the last game I had working was just one bin and one cue file, not multiple bin files.



    There are some conversion tools you may need for some psx .iso and .bin files. Unfortunately the only place I know to find it is on a rom site, so I can’t give out the link here. It’s to convert the .ecm games. There will be a file named like blah.bin.ecm for those games. Look for ecm tools on google.

    You only need one file for psx games, you don’t need the .cue file.


    Thanks, I know what you mean I’ve used that tool on some already, but the last 2 roms I’ve unzipped and it contains 1 cue and around 10 bin files that say track 1 to 10, not sure what I do with these, see this before?



    It sounds familiar, I don’t remember which game though. Is one of the .bin files a lot larger than the others? If so, try just running the biggest file.


    hello! if u want all tracks etc to one bin

    use daemon tools to mount the ‘cue’, then open imgburner and make a iso (multitracks needs to be bin)

    then u have 1xbin and 1xcue


    Hi there!

    I discovered some time ago the .pbp file format. In fact it’s a compressed format meaning that you could somehow compress your isos to let them use less storage space (excellent if you only have a sd card). Also in case of multi-CD game then all of them will be packed and compressed within a single pbp file! There are tons of how-to’s on the Web. The most famous tools are PSX2PSP v1.4.2 and PsGUI300beta.

    Hope this helps!


    Try to get a game CD image in cue/bin or ISO format. I’ve never seen PSX games in multiple bin format. Like somebody else already said: they’re probable multiple CD tracks (audio?).

    I compress my PSX games with Pocketiso (see for instance: My personal “help file” on pocketiso is:

    | HowTo PocketISO |

    – PocketISO opens BIN or ISO files.
    – Probably the socalled ‘XA streams’ are Playstation audio… (music?).

    The “rip” and “10%” options
    – The option “rip” in Pocketiso means that the selected media (XA or video stream) will be dumped (i.e. *not* included in the compressed image).
    – The option “10%” probably means that 10% of the video (or XA audio) stream will be kept in the compressed image so the game won’t crash on the missing stream.
    – “Rip Audio/XA to mp3” means that they will be kept but compressed to mp3. This is not compatible w/ the FPSe emulator for Android. You wil not hear music.
    – Ripping (i.e. throwing away) the XA (audio) and the video saves the most space of course.
    – The option ‘smallest video source’ might select the smallest video source from multiple video streams?

    – gamename.bin.Z (w/ the associated small *.bin.Z.table file) means that XA audio is still present.
    – gamename.bin.ZNX (w/ the associated small *.bin.ZNX.table file) means that XA music is ripped (i.e. thrown away: No Xa).

    (Background) Music
    – Even keeping the XA audio (compressed to mp3 or not) will not make the in-gmame music play (?!). This leads to stuttering sound and weird crackling. In “Jedi Power Battles” this crackling is gone if, in the game itself, the music is set to ‘OFF’! Maybe it misses CD audio? When the XA is kept some music can be heard though (for instance during the choosing of the character to play with).
    – Playing the uncompressed orig. BIN in FPSe on Android is the only way to hear the in-game background music.

    – Do not convert a bin/cue to iso w/ bchunk (binchunk for Linux). Pocketiso will not recognize the iso properly then.

    Until today I’d never heard of psx2psp to compress PSX games, @Nemo93: thanks for the info.

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