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    Try these games, I may have let a few slip into the list that ran slow, but for the most part, if memory serves correctly, these are the ones that either already run well on a Pi 2 1050Mhz, or should in theory be doable at 1200Mhz on the Pi 3.

    Bee Wars

    Elminage Original
    Exit 1 and 2

    Final Fantasy I-III
    Ghost in the Shell
    Grand Theft Auto China Town
    Jetpack Joyride
    Pac-Man Champ. Edition
    Parasite Eve 3 aka 3rd Birthday
    Patchwork Heroes (menu is all that is choppy)
    Shift Extended
    Twin Blades
    Ys (all of them)
    Nom Nation
    Phase Shift
    Valhalla Knights 1 and 2
    Wackylands Boss
    Where Is My Heart
    Space Invaders Evolution
    Space Invaders Extreme
    White Knight Chronicles Origins

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    Can I have a look at your config.txt please?

    I want to dabble with your 1067Mhz settings.

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    I just picked up a class 10 samsung evo plus card with a 80mb/s read, my old card was 45mb and games that froze for 5 seconds now only hitch for maybe half a second, it’s almost perfect now.

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    Pi 3’s came in today. I’m about to plug in my USB stick and see the results!!! :)

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    It’s a hair better than my Pi 2 on USB running at 1050Mhz, but I’ll be wanting to over clock my Pi 3 when I can. None the less, it IS an improvement, and about what I expected out of 1200Mhz.

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    you have to watch out with overclocking and the pi3 not because of the usual precautions but because the PI starts throtteling the cpu speed (down) when it reaches 80°C if it reaches 85°C or above it will throttle cpu speed to 600mhz (half of the speed) and i know they are going to let it throttle even lower (in a test firmware they did this already)

    the pi3 reaches these tempratues fairly easy with some benchmark tools / cpu stressing tools and i noticed when i was running tekken 3 (actually playing) for a while i had tempratues near 75-80°C this is while the pi3 just sits in my picade so it has more air then in normal closed enclosure.

    if you overlock you will reach 80-85°C and you will have lower speed then when you would not reach those temps. It happend with me with ppsspp, did not test other emulators but i guess it could happen with N64 depending on the game as well. this was wit a bit of overlocking as well as turbo mode etc, but it depends on the game and if the pi struggles with the game or not.

    Using heatsinks probably doesn’t help much (it will make it go slower to those tempratrues and might give you 0-2°C diffrence, but if you are stressing the cpu it will reach those temps eventually) unless your also using a fan to blow cool air through the heatsink that probably helps a lot at least a lot more than just using a heatsink.

    I created a simple script to show me the tempratures as well as the cpu speed in a loop. It’s based on code i found in retropie’s (login details info) script.

    basically you put this in a file and chmod the file with for exmaple chmod 777 filename

    then you can execute it.

    The way you should execute it is by opening an ssh connection and let it run there and then start testing playing games / overlocking etc. you can then easilly see the cpu throttling if it eaches those temps, you exit the script by pressing ctrl+c

    edit: if you want to see it reach those tempratures and throtteling sudo apt-get install stress (i think it was stress) and then run it with stress -c 4 that will use 4 threads to keep the cpu busy and with my pi3 i can easily reach those temps then

        function cputemp() {
        local cpuTempC
        local cpuTempF
        local gpuTempC
        local gpuTempF
        if [[ -f "/sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp" ]]; then
                cpuTempC=$(($(cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp)/1000)) && cpuTempF=$((cpuTempC*9/5+32))
        if [[ -f "/opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd" ]]; then
                if gpuTempC=$(/opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp); then
                cpuFreq=$(/opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_clock arm)
        echo "cpu temp=$cpuTempC°C gpu temp=$gpuTempC°C $cpuFreq"
        while true; do cputemp; sleep 2; done;
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    hey guys.
    I have a rpi3 and tested around ten games.
    the problem I have is that I can not get past any of the memory card screens in the very beginning.

    I also can not use normal ppsspp, it will not start and go back to ES screen.

    I installed retro pie on osmc, are there any dependencies that I need for ppsspp (osmc has no desktop etc).

    also what could be the problem that lr-ppsspp crashes whenever it wants to access the memory card ? I couldn’t find someone else with that problem.

    I already tried to put the assets in the correct folders, rebuild from source, reinstalled a couple of times – but no luck.

    please help or advice

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    Haven’t seen that happen before. Usually it’s quite happy to work without memory card just fine as far as I’ve seen. Maybe check permissions on your PPSSPP configuration directories?

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