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    Hey guys. Wondering if someone may be able to help me with a little problem I am having getting pikeyd to work with 2 buttons I have connected directly to the GPIO pins. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what I’m missing. It is likely something small and mundane, but here is what I have done so far… (The issue is in Step 6)

    Hardware used:
    – Raspberry Pi 2
    – Mausberry Shutdown Circuit
    – 2A 5V Power Supply
    – SNES Controller Ports
    – SNES Toggle Power Switch
    – 2 x Momentary Push Buttons
    – 2 x 1Kohm Resistors
    – 2 x 10Kohm Resistors
    – 32 GB SanDisk Ultra Micro SD

    1. Downloaded and flashed RetroPie version 3.1 for Raspberry Pi 2 to SD card.

    2. Filesystem Expanded
    – Started up RetroPie
    – Exited with F4
    – Ran raspi-config
    – Expanded Filesystem
    – Rebooted pi

    3. Updated pi
    – Exited EmulationStation with F4
    – sudo apt-get update
    – sudo apt-get upgrade
    – Rebooted pi

    4. Installed Muasberry Shutdown Circuit
    – Exited EmulationStation with F4
    – sudo wget
    – sudo bash
    – Shutdown pi
    – Connected Mausberry Shutdown Circuit to MicroUSB connector
    – Connected In and Out headers on Mausberry Shutdown Circuit to GPIO pin 18 (GPIO24) and pin 16 (GPIO23)
    – Connected SNES toggle power switch to Mausberry Shutdown Circuit board
    – Powered on pi and tested Shutdown Circuit
    – Works!

    5. Installed SNES Controller Ports
    – Exited EmulationStation with F4
    – sudo ./RetroPie-Setup/
    – Chose option 3 Setup / Configuration (to be used post install)
    – Chose option 308 Gamecon & db9 drivers
    – Enabled driver perminantly
    – Shutdown pi
    – Connected SNES Controller Ports
    +5v to Pin 1 (3.3V)
    Ground to Pin 6 (GND)
    Controller 1 Data to Pin 5 (GPIO 3)
    Controller 2 Data to Pin 7 (GPIO 4)
    Clock to Pin 19 (GPIO 9)
    Latch to Pin 23 (GPIO 11)
    – Powered on pi and programed EmulationStarion with Controller 1 controlls and tested.
    – Works!

    6. Connected 2 momentary push buttons for exit and reset
    – Exited EmulationStation with F4
    – git clone git://
    – make -C pikeyd
    – sudo cp pikeyd/pikeyd /usr/local/bin/
    – sudo nano /etc/rc.local
    – Added “/usr/local/bin/pikeyd -d” at end of file, one line before “exit 0” but one line after “/etc/ &” <– Mausberry Shutdown Circuit
    – sudo cp pikeyd/pikeyd.conf /etc
    – sudo nano /etc/pikeyd.conf
    – Commented out all lines with # except for lines:
    – KEY_R 18
    – KEY_ESC 25
    – Saved and exited pikeyd.conf
    – sudo nano /etc/modules
    – Checked to be sure uinput is on list of modules to start at boot.
    – Shutdown pi
    – Connected both momentary push buttons via the following diagram:

    – Powered on pi and tested button presses
    – Does not work :(

    When pressed, buttons should mimic keyboard presses R and ESC, but do nothing. I have checked all continuity and it seems to be fine. Switches close properly. Voltage at switches reads 2.7V and drops to 0.0V when depressed.

    I am not sure what I have missed that would cause this not to work, any help would be appreciated.

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    Thanks for the extensive write-up, I was planning to use this approach to add some push buttons for exit, reset, save etc.

    Did you finally manage to get this to work?

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