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    I am in the process of making a console-casing for my Pi 2, and, like most folks, I would like to have a functioning power button, so I don’t have to unplug/plug back in the Pi to start it back up. However, I have seen many posts recently about people having issues with the Mausberry circuit, the piece I was looking to implement. It seems that there are issues with the script it uses. Also, the issues I have seen usually involve the B+ model Pi, so I am uncertain of its compatibility with the Pi 2.

    So my question for the folks here: should i try the Mausberry circuit, find another add-on circuit, or possibly build my own using a breadboard/writing my own script? For anyone who has gone with option 3: any tips, pointers, fully detailed guides, or reasons not to?

    I understand that a power button isn’t absolutely necessary, as I haven’t fried my SD card yet, but I feel it would make the project feel more complete, as well as add a good deal of convenience to everything. Thanks for your feedback.

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    You might be interested in the ControlBlock:

    A new batch of those is being produced in these days and will soon be available again.

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    Well color me retarded. I didn’t realize that had a solution, and I’ve read that link before. I guess I overlooked it because I never intended to use original SNES controllers, but it wouldn’t hurt to have that option open. Thanks a bunch!

    Edit: upon further investigation, I am not sure this is the option for me. With how the controlblock is positioned on the board, it wouldn’t fit with the heatsinks already attached. I was also intending on using the power button on the console (ps1), rather than a toggle switch. Kinda bummed out; this is such a good solution otherwise.
    Then again, I do have a gpio breakout from my canakit…and I could replace the power button with a switch in the same spot…hmm… dot dot….

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    Hi, have you had a look at the ATXRaspi?

    I currently using two of these board with my projects and they work great.

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    I believe I have, but it was some time ago, and I was much more timid in regard to the DIY nature of it. But it might be the solution I need. What models/retropie versions have you run these with? Did you have any issues with the script?

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    ATX RASPI works really well….[IMG][/IMG]


    It sends a shutdown command…

    Alternatively you could just wire a switch to the power supply….


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    Here’s what I use:


    Simple and effective!

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