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    hey hey.

    big ups to retropie and emulationstation crews, who have both taken this pi-based emulation concept and put some serious meat to it. i appreciate all that has been done to make this such a fluid project!

    here is a theme i created called piulator. it only supports gb, gbc, gba, nes and snes thus far. i can build out further for a more universal use if there is positive feedback, but these were the only systems i needed for my current project. to give credit where credit’s due, i took the simple theme and modified heavily.

    here are some screenshots:

    splash (for pi boot, not replacing the es logo as discussed in other threads)
    piulator splash

    basic view:
    piulator basic view

    detailed view:
    piulator detailed view

    here is my psd file:


    here is the theme zip:

    side questions:

    so i understand the majority of the theme structure and how it flows, but what is the grid view used for?

    how would one customize the logo and game count backgrounds in the system view (as well as the font on the game count?)

    how would one customize the scrape and menu popups?

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    Woow.. this is a great theme!!

    Many thanks for this.
    Would you like to add themes for sega?

    Thanks in advance.

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    i like it!

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    Glad you guys like it! I will add Sega and more soon. Sorry for the delay – it’s just been crazy around here.

    I’ve received a few questions around theme building, so here is a PDF guide I wrote compiling my process:

    And here is the instructables I put together around how I implemented this:

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    This Theme looks just amazing, great work! It would be so great, if there would be graphics for all systems like gamegear, atari, … Unfortunatley I am not good at working with graphical programms… :/ Maybe sometime you will upload an updated version, looking forward to this.

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    Any news on this ? :)

    Thanks for the guide by the way! I might actually get around to creating my own theme now; and thank you for making it look so straightforward for something like me who has 0 coding experience! I’m going to attempt something rather left-field I think (!)

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