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    I have a very strange problem here – PC Engine (Turbografix 16) controls are not responding in-game, yet all of my Retroarch hotkeys are working for this system. I checked my /opt/retropie/configs/pcengine/retroarch.cfg to make sure nothing is out of sorts, but it is set up exactly like all of the other systems (snes, psx) and the controls for those systems are working just fine. Also, when I open my Retroarch menu and go to input mappings it has all of my buttons mapped correctly for the PCE emulator. Yet nothing in the game itself will respond. Controls for this system worked perfectly for me in Beta 2. Has anybody else experienced this?

    EDIT – It is probably important to note that when I load a game and the PCE boot screen loads up and it says ‘Press Run Button’ I press start and it will then launch the game. Nothing after that, including the start button, will respond in-game.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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