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    Hey guys!

    What size of the SD-Card do you recommend for a decent collection of games for every emulator?
    Can you run ROM’s from a USB harddrive or will this be too slow?
    How did you manage your ROM collection?
    Is there a RetroPie complete ROM pack? (don’t post a link if there is, i don’t think your allowed to)

    EDIT: i just found a NES collection with 2581 games which is only 120MB and a SNES Collection with 750 Games -> 500MB
    N64 Collection 297 Games -> 1GB

    So i guess PSX will require more space and a 8GB SD-Card is not enough.
    What size do you guys run on your system?


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    I have an SD card to boot from (any old card will do I use a 512mb) and run RetroPie off a 16GB usb stick. Check out this thread for running off usb:

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    i too run from a USB stick,
    SD Boot= 8gb
    USB File System= 128gb of which 85gb is used

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    I use a 128GB sd card…I prefer the use of both USB ports for controllers…I’ve got over 8250 games including 178 PSX roms, if they made a bigger sd card, I would buy it…go big, or go home!

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    yeah, run off usb, I use a 128gb USB Key.

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