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    There are a few bugs I have encouterd

    1. If a game is scraped wrong and you go to edit game and you rescrape and get correct game and hit save it aperes to work but after reboot it will have wrong info again.

    2. If you go to jump to letter in menu and hit enter without choseing a letter it will crash system

    3. FBA liberto analog joysticks don’t work and using dpad as analog is not as precise and renders some games unplayable. They work in pifda but it doesn’t run as many games as fda-liberto does on rpi2

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    Solution for problem one- in order to save manual edits you have to select quit emulationstation from the start menu within emulationstation- if you just shutdown or reboot the whole system those edits are not saved. If you feel this is a big enough issue you can submit it to aloshi at the emulationstation github:

    For issue 2 you submit your report on the same github page.

    Controller configuration issues related to retroarch can be submitted to-

    For all of your issues be sure to check the current listed bugs to see if anyone else has posted the same issue. Also be sure to check this forum as some people might have had the same issue as you.

    And since you never responded to your previous post indicating people not willing to help from this forum ( -as promised, instead of a blog I set up a series of videos for setting up retropie 2.6 that might be helpful to you and may answer some other questions you may have. also check out floob’s videos as he knows an awful lot more than I do.

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    Good videos btw – I’m a channel subscriber! ;-)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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