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    I don’t understand some of the code that is used for configuring and installing wireless xbox 360 controllers. I have installed xboxdrv and when i plug in the wireless receiver and turn on the controller it keeps blinking but i am able to use it in the emulationstation menu though. Tried running through the retropie config and installing it from there. This seemed to work for at least an image of donkey kong country for the SNES emulator, but i cannot walk, only use the xyab buttons.

    Now i’ve looked at some code for installing and configuring my controllers but i don’t understand it at all.

    the above is the guide i’m using but once it starts talking about saving content in /etc/init.d/xboxdrv i get lost. None of these directories exist on my pi. I’m using the 2.2 sd image, and it’s working fine. the 32gb sd card is running well and looks uncorrupted so far.

    and even if i had those folders (can i just use mkdir for this?) i have no idea how to just copy that data there. How do i enter to the next line without submitting my last one? i don’t get it. like i said, I’m very new to this…

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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