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    I got the latest image from the site but it seems that version was 2.0.0 RC1 and as I understand that is very old.

    Is there a newer image? Could someone supply a newer one?

    Or should I build from sources?
    If I already have an installation (like above) can I do the “build from sources” in retropie setup or will that screw up my installation?

    If I choose to do the “install from sources” how much time does that take on the RPi2 to complete? I understand it takes somewhere around 10 – 20 hours on RPi1.

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    Buzz has created images that people have been using / testing:

    Original Image:

    Updated Image:

    I suggest you follow the compatibility thread as this is where people appear to be posting about Pi2 compatibility and problems.

    Don’t expect those images to be problem free. Bugs etc are being fixed as they are discovered. I haven’t built from sources as I found the images more useful.

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    I tried that image and could not get it to work on SSH and that is a must for me.

    Can I somehow build both emulationstation and the retropie binaries from sources from an image that already has an existing (but older) version of both?

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    In theory yes that is possible. Might take a bit of configuring. Just make sure you update the setup script first before you install/update from binary or source.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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