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    Hello, I have recently installer Retropie on my Raspberry Pi. I am a huge fan of Nintendo 64 Legend of zelda’s and marios, etc… But when I powered up Super Smash Bros, it black screens and doesn’t even boot up. Then, I downloaded Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. It booted up, but lagged as hell. Cut scenes are so laggy. Link is disappearing and flashing. When he’s controllable, he sinks into the ground and walks on his face.

    I downloaded these both .n64 files from NOROMSITESPLEASE. So, am I doing this wrong? I’ve only had a few games from before. Those defaults, Cave Story and such.

    Is there different roms that are specially made for Retropie? If so, how do I get them?

    I have a B model Pi and overclocked to 1.0GhZ.

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    N64 emulation really pushes the limits of what the Pi is capable of, only a few titles run close to playable speed. 2d based games are the limit really, although quite a few Playstation games will run nicely.

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    I’m running the latest version of RetroPie (2.1) and the N64 emulator doesn’t even boot. The files are all .v64 and .z64, which work fine everywhere else but none of my N64 roms even start up. I’ve tried Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie, Legend of Zelda OoT/MM, Mario Golf/Tennis, Star Fox, and Conker’s Bad Fur Day and have gotten nothing.

    Is Mupen really just that buggy on the RPi that it won’t run most games at all?

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    I have had zero luck playing N64 games. The ones that load are slow, choppy, and otherwise not worth it.

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    no luck with n64 since 2.1. they barely worked on 1.9 so i’m giving up. i was floored with how well castlevania: sotn runs considering how choppy some snes games can run. must just be the emulators.

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    Shouldn’t it be possible to make a emulator for the n64 that runs at 100%? I remember when the UltraHLE emulator came out for PC. It was possible to run almost all N64 games at 100% speed on my pentium 1 200MHz. Is a Raspberry Pi at 1GHz slower than a 200MHz pentium?

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    I tried to do an update and nothing shows up

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