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    Hello all,

    I’ve installed the last version of retropie and tried the N64 emulator to see what happens. I’ve tried mario, Zelda but none of them works. I always get a “segmentation fault”.

    Any idea of what is the problem ?


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    This is the command in emulation station that starts mupen64 and generates the seg fault.
    /opt/retropie/supplementary/runcommand/ 1 "cd /opt/retropie/emulators/mupen64plus-rpi/test/ && ./mupen64plus %ROM%"
    I don’t see anything immediately wrong with it (for instance, the path exists on my system and there is a file called mupen64plus there), but I’m not an expert. I do notice that none of the other commands in the es_systems.cfg file perform a cd first and THEN a separate run command. Maybe that is the source of the error?

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    see my post,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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