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    Hello, back when the A+ pis came out I had an idea to put the pi in a GBC. I have purchased all the components, got retropie 3.2.2 running and are on the brink of finishing it. Problems have arisen with my display. A $18 2.2 inch TFT model number mztx06a. This screen is nice because it fits PERFECTLY in the existing GBC screen area. According to other people, the screen works by syncing with fb0 or something. I have the screen hooked up according to this forum:
    and running this driver:

    It works pretty well in console, and if you add a & at the end of the command (/home/pi/mztx06a/src/mztx06a &), it works pretty good in startx. Problems arise when you add this code to rc.local or try and run ES. Adding the code above to rc.local causes the pi to crash as soon as the screen loads up the retropie splashcreen. The screen HDMI monitor fills up with errors but the pi is permanently frozen until rebooted. Making image rewrite/restore necessary for future operations

    When you run it from console then launch ES, ES will never show up on the small screen… curios I launched doom. the launch code/batch file appeared on the small screen, but the game never showed up. Upon exiting doom, the pi became frozen like earlier.

    Does anyone know why this happens, and maybe a fix to the problem, it is the last step in my project.

    Thanks in advance

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    Emulationstation won’t work with an xserver so you can count the startx option out.

    Try fbcp


    Hardware is a bit different but the concept is the same.

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    Hello, thank you for the fast response, but I am not using startx in my project as it has been removed from retropie. I am using a stock copy of 3.2 with the only thing installed being the mztx06a driver. I will try using fbcp tomorrow, as i have to re-image my SD because it entered an infinite error loop due to sloppy rc.local editing (need to slow down a bit…).

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    I think we have the same problem, see my topic:

    OF cource I’m using other hardware, but I configure it to show console perfectly, but cant force it to show ES on GPIO screen.

    I don’t think I can help you, as far as I still don’t know how to solve my problem, but maybe we can figure it out :)

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