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    I hope someone can point me in the right direction. I am trying to play n64 games with a psx controller hooked up via gpio (using marqs’ gamecon_gpio_rpi driver). For some reason, my left analog stick does not work in mupen64plus. All of the other joysticks and buttons work except for the left analog (which jstest confirms as axis(4-,4+) and axis(5-,5+)). I think it is because mupen64plus uses SDL for controller input whereas retroarch uses either linuxraw or udev.

    Grumbel’s ‘sdl-jstest’ confirms that the left analog is not being recognized as an axis, but rather as a hat, i.e. HAT0. The D-Pad is instead recognized as <axis(0-,0+),axis(1-,1+)>

    I think the issue might be resolved by modifying the gamecon_gpio_rpi module, but i’m not a computer science major and therefore am quite ignorant (though not totally ignorant) of ‘C’ programming

    Hardware: raspberry pi 2
    retropie version 2.6

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