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    I have a raspberry pi B+ and i want to change the priority sounds by pass by Jack 3.1 and not the HDMI

    I want the sound get out by the jack
    i want the video get out by the HDMI

    Others questions :

    I want to know how the cabler gpio port directly for my arcade gamepag this the model B+. someone have a wiring diagram, thanks you ? I have 2 player : one joystick and 6 button by player (x2) and 1 button start, 1 select, 1 save, 1 load, 1 coins.

    I want know if retropie automatically detects a gamepad arcade on port gpio ?

    thanks for the answer

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    To get the sounds out of jack, you need to alter the setting in the Raspberry Pi Config settings:

    sudo raspi-config

    Then select option 8 Advanced Options. You should then see another option called Audio. Select this and then choose to force the audio out through the 3.5mm jack.


    sudo reboot

    As for your other questions, I’m afraid I can’t help but hopefully you’ll now be 50% of the way to an answer!

    Post count: 908

    very big thanks for your answer borlandoflorida

    i think find to my other question i tested and reply if this ready

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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