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    I have been unable to get a single MAME rom to work. Every one I tried gives me the error “required files are missing game cannot be run”.

    Is there something I’m missing here? I’ve tried advancedmame and mame4all, both giving the same errors.

    Thanks in advance for any tips!



    Ok, the best emulator for mame imo for the pi at the moment is the mame4all binary version and not the retroarch core version. Petrockblog just added it to the script so first download that from source. Then the only roms compatible with it are the mame 0.37b5 rom sets. You can search for this on a well known swedish site. That should work!

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    I made almost the same experience as lobreeze, maybe 1 of 10 roms worked for me with the SD-preinstalled mame emulator.

    With version 1.9 now there is mame4rpi avaiable, I have to encourage every Mame-adicct to give it a try. Just perform a source-code install from the retropie-config script (which takes some time), get 0.375b5 roms and enjoy all those arcade game classics with sound on your raspi. It was a great pleasure to see Galaga, Defender, Donkey Kong etc. behaving exactly as almost 30 years ago…

    After source-code install just go to “RetroPie/emulators/mame4rpi” and start the emulator my “./mame” or “./mame romname”. Your roms have to be in the subdirectory “RetroPie/emulators/mame4rpi/roms” (instead I made a softlink to the Retropie rom directory).

    Other than spending my pocket money now I can input a coin by pressing “5” and start a game by pressing “1” at the keyboard :-)

    Unfortunately the joystick settings im this mame emulator are slightly different and they are of course not changed by any RetroArch setting. Using <TAB> within mame you can change them, but I did not figure out, how to save these settings. Also, mame4rpi didn´t read any config file.

    Finally I modified mame4rpi source code: I changed dir to “RetroPie/emulators/mame4rpi/src” to edit “inptprt.cpp”. After almost 15 years in IT-consulting it was a pleasure to use VI again, like in those old developer days.

    E.g. if you change line 160 (or so)
    { IPT_START1, “1 Player Start”, SEQ_DEF_1(KEYCODE_1) },
    { IPT_START1, “1 Player Start”, SEQ_DEF_1(JOYCODE_1_BUTTON5) },
    now your Button 5 will start games. Better change this line t to
    { IPT_START1, “1 Player Start”, SEQ_DEF_3(KEYCODE_1, CODE_OR, JOYCODE_1_BUTTON5) },
    thus your keyboard will still work (caution: use DEF_3 instead of DEF_1!).

    A “make” command in “RetroPie/emulators/mame4rpi/src” will recompile your mame4rpi.

    Happy gaming!


    Lol, I just found out, that mame4rpi saves all settings, if there is a directory named “cfg”. Thus, there is no need to recompile like I described before.

    Invoke Linux shell and
    $ cd RetroPie/emulators/mame4rpi
    $ mkdir cfg
    $ ./mame
    By pressing <TAB> (next left key to ‘Q’) you can enter settings for all games or the specific you are just usinge.
    Press <ESC> to leave mame, this will store your settings permanently.
    $ cd cfg
    $ ls
    This should show the setting files for your games and default.cfg for global settings. To reset your config, just enter
    $ rm *cfg


    Thanks for the info! I’ve been really busy the past few weeks but I’ve got some free time this weekend.

    I’ll let you know how it goes.


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