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    Can anyone tell me how to make my own image of the SD card once I get everything set just the way I want it? That way, if something corrupts or messes up I could just flash and reload the SD card without having to set all the I/O stuff up again.
    This would be particularly helpful when I get into more complex controller setups like the 360.

    I know I can make individual backups of key files, but I believe a full image of the SD card would be the most effective path.

    Any help is appreciated!


    I use win32diskimager –
    The only downside is an image is the full size of your card, regardless of how much is on it. I use an 8 GB sd card for Raspbmc and for Retropie, and they are nowhere near full, but an image is still 8 GB. The good news is, once that image is made you can zip it with 7zip or whatever your preferred archiving program is and it will only take up a fraction, because it can compress all that unused space in the image. My last backup of Raspbmc zipped is only 669 MB, but unzipped is 8 GB. I hate having to rescan all my movies and shows, this helps a lot! Hope it helps you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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