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    So I have made an hand-held game console using an raspberry 2, a screen, battery, a custom made 3d printed case and ofc the retropie image. I am wondering i I can make some more of these and sell them. I’m not planing sell the retropi image or take any credit away from it or for it, but to point the customers to where they can get it. I am planing to help the customers (for free) to load the image if needed, but then inform them from where it came and ensure them that i don’t make any profit from it. Now is my question, can i do this? I know many of you think that selling free software is wrong, and so do I, but I’m not rly planing on selling any software, just an machine intended to run it (or anything else rly.. ).

    I’m not planing on making alot of money out of this, but at least to pay of the time and resources it takes to make the products.


    To my knowledge, Retropie is not for commercial use. You could use recalbox, (http://www.recalbox.com/) instead. No bios files can be included, “gba_bios, Scph 1001, ETC. No roms can be included either. Maybe someone else knows more than me, Try asking HerbFargus or another moderator.

    Hope this helped


    I think you’re ok OP. You’re not actually selling retropie, just the hardware to run it on.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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