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    I hope it is a good place to post this. Yesterday I configured my RaspberryPi with RetroPie. I’ve added controls for my custom control panel running on IPac and everything was running smoothly.
    Today I decided to add a wifi connection to my Pi (using TP-Link TL-WN725N).
    I have no idea if it works and I don’t think so honestly BUT my keyboard stopped working in Emulationstation. It works fine in Rasbian (i can see key inputs while my Pi is booting) but it shuts down as soon as it loads emulationstation. Nothing is working, not even Caps key lights up.
    I haven’t gone far yet so I could reformat my SD card and start over but what if I get this problem again?
    Any ideas guys?

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    This is most probably an issue with the power supply. The RPi is quite sensitive to that and I observed such a behavior a few times with wifi sticks.

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    I don’t think so because I tried running emulationstation without a wifi stick and had the same problem. I think I messed up something while installing wifi drivers (I had wifi stick attached while installing) and it somehow reserved two usb ports for itself (but why only in emulationstation I have no idea).
    Anyway, I decided to reformat my SD card anyway and will try again after work today. Any tips would be appreciated.

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    I had issues with a Microsoft multimedia keyboard, check the list of problem keyboards here: http://elinux.org/RPi_USB_Keyboards

    I had to buy another cheap keyboard in the end

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    Like I said, keyboard worked fine until I installed wifi stick. I am also using IPac for my controls thas is also read as a keyboard and it stopped working to.
    I could give up using wifi and stick to the ethernet which is working fine but I plan to set my cabinet far from my router and I wanted to be able to upload and delete my games on the fly cause it will certainly take a lot of time to sort the best games for most platforms.
    Also my gf HATES cables so the less cables needed the easier will it be for her to cope with a large arcade machine standing in our living room ;)

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