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    I’ve been having issues switching which emulator/core is being used by EmulationStation.

    Some games/consoles work fine, for example Sega Genesis/MegaDrive seems to work like a charm. Others (like the SNES) leave a lot to be desired in their performance and audio/visual reproduction. Because of that, I’ve been trying to change which emulator/core is being used by EmulationStation away from the default, with very limited success. I’ve checked out the es_systems.cfg, and I’ve switched around which <command> line was commented out, but some of the other emulators don’t work very well.

    For example, trying to run Snes9x via emulationstation starts up correctly, but it isn’t configured well, and when I try to exit back to emulationstation the system locks up completely. I’m also not sure where the config file for Snes9x is, as it doesn’t seem to be in the /etc directory or anything. Also, it seems that RetroPie comes with Snes9x as a stand-alone application, but I’ve also heard it’s available as a RetroArch core, so is it worth getting the ‘core’ version? If so, how would I go about adding that new core to my existing RetroArch setup?

    I’ve been having issues with some of the default emulators (for example, slow audio on the default SNES audio), but trying to change the commands in es_systems has brought about mixed results. Am I missing something?

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    SNES emulation on the Pi isn’t perfect, PiSNES is the best emulator to use in my opinion, the commands are in es_systems.cfg, copy it to /home/pi/.emulationstation/ to edit

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