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    I have stripped a SNES case and kept the controller ports. The original connector ports have been connected, without the GPIO adapter, to the GPIO ports of the Raspberry Pi:

    VCC (SNES 1) to P1
    Clock (Snes 2) to P19
    Latch (Snes 3) to P23
    Data 1 (Snes 4) to P7
    Data 2 (Snes 4 on the other side) to P5
    Ground (Snes 7) to P6

    Exactly as described in , but without the GPIO adapter.

    Controller 1 can be configured and used in Emulator Station and works great!
    Controller 2 is not seen, so I have some work there. Could it be Data 2 has to be connected to another GPIO pin?

    If I try to use controller 1 in an emulator it doesn’t work, obviously. I activated SNESDev with polling pads & buttons, but I can’t control the game.

    After that I tried to use the Gamecon driver, but to no avail, the controller can not be used.

    So I figured out that if I have not configured the controllers yet, I also can’t use them (do you know those times when you want to smack your head on the desk because you tried everything but overlooked the obvious? I do now…)

    When I try to configure the controllers from RetroPieSetup, I get timeouts. When I run the same program from command line, it doesn’t recognise that buttons are pressed.

    What can I do to configure the controllers?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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