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    I’ve setup my ps3 controllers and they work grate with nes, snes etc but in the Hatari emulator the controls for joystick are the analogue stick for direction and the select button for the fire!

    I’d like to use the Dpad, X for fire and O for spacebar (for the games that need it), without changing settings for the other emulators.

    Hartari doesn’t seem to have a config file in Retroarch for me to edit and it doesn’t seem to read the joystick setting from its own config file when using a ps3 controller. I’m new to the Pi and Linux so any ideas that may resolve this would be appreciated.

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    This is the only post I can find about Hatari and configuring controllers. I really want to get Hatari up and running with controllers. But, the internet is devoid of information.

    Have you had any luck with this?

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    Hi there,

    I saw this post a little while back..and I’ve been meaning to reply.
    I was a little confused myself when i booted up Hatari on My Mac (Yep, we have the same problem here too)

    So, this took me a whole YEAR to figure this out and the solution is actually really simple.

    I don’t know if you have a Mac or PC, I think I have answers for both..

    What you will NEED to do, is download a keyboard to Joypad modifier.

    (There are some PC gamers out there that prefer playing FPS games using their Joypad, even though some older FPS games are not configured to use joypads)

    With this in mind I downloaded Joystick Mapper. (I think there is a program similar on PC called ‘Xpadder’)

    Now if you look at your Hatari program (Under Preferences) YES, it already knows the PS3 Controller is there, you won’t need to do anything here.

    Click on the Keyboard Option, and set your desired Key presses. (Eg. Arrow Keys for Movement & RIGHT Ctrl for FIRE and SPACEBAR)

    Now Go into your Xpadder / Joystick Mapper, using this program, set your KEYS to the desired buttons on PS3 controller. SAVE this as a PRESET Profile to use, so that you won’t need to configure this again. (What this program will/should do, is make the emulator STILL think you will be using just Keys, when you will be using the Joypad instead.)

    Go BACK to the Hatari Emulator under Preferences, in Keyboard configurations, using the PS3 pad, set your buttons ready to play.

    The Emulator will NOW use PS3 pad as desired (AKA, no longer use the SELECT button as a FIRE Button, with the Circle Button or other button of your choosing as the space bar)

    SAVE this config in your Emulator. (Hatari)

    I’ve been able to use My ‘X button’ as a Fire Button, and my circle button as a space bar. I’m sure the START button can be used as a PLAYER 1 Button, but I haven’t done that.

    Hope this helps?

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    Looks like I’m gonna need to dig through the xboxdrv documentation again and map some bottons to some keyboard keys. Thanks cyberpuppy, I was looking for that info over the weekend.

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    You should recompile the hatari emulator.
    I’ve made this guide here to change input buttons:

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