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    I was playing around with some of the cfg files for various emulators because a thought occurred to me while I was trying to get the n64 working… I need frame skipping.

    I have overclocked my pi (though I have no clue what I changed or why, I just copied someone from the overclocking sticky), I have a fan keeping it around 30degC, and Mario has a very bad stuttering problem (overclocking did NOTHING to help).

    So rather than try speech therapy for poor Mario (Super Mario 64), I thought about frame skipping. It is an option that my PC emulators all (seem to) have, so I thought there might be one we can toy with in our n64 emulator.

    A: can we set a frame skip or set frameskipping to auto?
    b: if yes to frame skip but no to auto, can we throttle?

    Post count: 30

    It seems that there should be a way to do this.

    The only problem is that when I found the mupen64plus configuration file, it only has about 60% of the lines listed under [CORE]. I assume that we can copy and paste the lines for [video], [input], [rice], etc., but when I changed the line

    frameskip = false, I tried “true”

    There was no change that I could see. Was it looking for a value? If so, is it basing it on skip per second, or maybe a ratio of frames:skips? Or maybe I found the file, but it is not the correct location to alter this because there is a file that is read after this one that alters the behavior I set?

    Just thinking of people who might want to emulate at 100% speed, but also don’t mind if there is a slight frame jump that is barely even noticeable. Pi 1 B+ can’t seem to hit 100% all the time even after (multiple) overclocking settings have been changed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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