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    Long time RetroPie user here. I’ve been slowly building out the ULTIMATE RetroPie box with a RaspberryPi 2. I’ve got dozens of systems loaded, and while I don’t have complete romsets added, I have 100 or so of the best for each system (less for CD games)… all of which I own original copies of, of course.

    So I’ve been scraping and correcting and building gamelists by hand where necessary, improving artwork, getting controls exactly how I like them, setting up the perfect shaders for each system and I feel like I’m really in the home stretch here… I have a few more systems I want to add, Game Gear, Atari 5200 and Super Famicom, then I think I’ll put a fork in it.


    When I add roms, or even a single rom to a previously empty folder, ES hangs on startup. I can still FTP in and clear the ROMS folder and get it running again, but can’t figure out what’s happening. I’m so close to having this thing jam packed with all supported systems. Does anybody have any idea what might be happening?

    Here’s my es_log.txt.. nothing real exciting happening here from what I can tell.

    Here’s a screenshot of what I get as ES is loading and hangs:

    The menu starts to rise from the bottom on startup and stops about 2/3 of the way up leaving the blank white space at the top. From here, not controller or keyboard is effective and I’m forced to do a hard refresh *ouch*.

    Love to hear some ideas. Should I backup all my hard work and start over? Adding games to existing systems has no effect. I can do that fine. I thought I was maybe adding too many files at once or something, but even adding a single 32k game will set it off. It seems to only affect ROM directories that I didn’t stick some games in at the beginning of the setup process.

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    Seems to be a common issue with memory and the default Simple Theme. A lot of people are reporting it lately.

    Most people recommend installing and using Carbon theme which is lightweight and doesn’t have freezing issues.

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